That raccoon game set in Toronto...

Trash Panda is  small, chill, low-fi raccoon simulator, where you play as a raccoon roaming neighbourhoods of Toronto making a mess. Knock over trash bins, find power-ups, challenge other raccoons, and get lost.

Make a mess!

It’s garbage night, and there’s no human in sight! Explore neighbourhoods of Toronto as the unofficial mascot of the city: the Trash Panda. As a mischievous raccoon, make the biggest mess you can knocking over the trash bins lining the streets. The bigger the mess, the higher you score. Some of the trash is yummy-yummy treats giving you additional points. Find power-ups too!

Follow the game's development

For the latest developments, join creator/developer Jason leaver (a.k.a. HeyBishop) on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

The “HeyBishop Creates” Discord server is a growing community of Trash Panda enthusists, and where Jason posts the most frequent updates including behind-the-scenes and other in-progress videos.

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